iMovie and storybooks

- this idea was conceived by Sheryl as a MYP project for her Year 8 students but is easily adaptable to other year levels.

Design Cycle


Understanding of teacher’s goals
- to produce a multi media presentation using a favorite storybook from a younger grade level. Match a group with Kindergarten, Grade One.....
What can the kids do?
- what skills do the students already have that could possibly be used for this project
Teaching them skills and letting them play (Students goal is to figure out these things and three more things and then they share with the class)

What tools will they use?
(decided by teachers)

Questions to ask?

-just use iMovie or will other multimedia tools work such as Movie Maker, Voice Thread etc.


What is the content to be exactly? are they going to do a play, cartoons, or their choice

Individually or in a group?

Investigate process can be in groups

The product maybe be individual

Collaboration – Edmodo

Teachers come up with structure and scaffolding

Storyboarding and Script with pencil and paper (butcher paper) YouTube clip on Storyboarding

What will be the Assessment?

- show the product to the grade level that provided the book and let those students make comments and suggestions

Here is information from Film Making session: