Objective was to create, in small groups something that we could take away and use in our classroom based on the MYP design process. Our small group decided to create a small unit.

Summative Assessment: Students will create a paragraph of an opening to a story to that has been inspired by an image.
Investigation side:

  1. Language: Students will use peer assessment using google docs and photobooth to give and receive feedback during practice.
  2. Students will use creative commons to find an image and practice the skills on formatting the photograph.


Students will choose their own pictures and play around with filtering to create moods.

Software required to manipulate images.

For younger students: pizelromatic & snapseed.
For older students: Photoshop filters

Students decide their an image that they will use as a prompt. They can orally speak their ideas and share and recie feedback and alternative suggestions with the support of photobooth.

Once they have created their draft they can use google doc to receive help on their draft through comments and suggest ideas.

Create: Students do it by themselves which is used as the final assessment.

Students could generate their ideas for the story for evaluation from their peers. Good for ELLs.

Evaluation: Self-evaluation. Has the quality of my writing improved over the course of the writing.
Rubrics to assess.